Basics of HTML

  1. Terms and Definitions
  2. Principles of WEB 2.0
  3. The structure of the HTML-document
  4. Main metatags
  5. Formatting Text HTML
  6. Lists html-page
  7. Text fixed format
  8. Selected text html-page
  9. Change font options
  10. Graphics html-page
  11. Tables html-page
  12. Hyperlinks
  14. Frames


  1. What is CSS
  2. CSS syntax
  3. Style classes
  4. Combined styles
  5. CSS table
  6. CSS cascading rules
  7. Recommendations applying styles
  8. Font options
  9. Line breaks, vertical alignment
  10. Background settings
  11. Parameters of the paragraph
  12. List options
  13. The parameters of the cursor
  14. Options indentation
  15. Parameters frame
  16. Parameters selection
  17. Display options
  18. Containers



Frames divide the browser window space into independent sections, which displays a variety of information.

To create the frames in HTML tags are FRAMESET, FRAME .

FRAMESET - divides the browser window into frames. FRAMESET generates a set of frames that divide the space of the browser window into rows and columns. Web master must set the values ??of the height / width of all rows / columns. The dimensions can be specified as a percentage of the current size of the browser window in pixels or as an asterisk. An asterisk indicates that the size of the frame depends on the size of the rest of the frames page.

Attributes tag FRAMESET:





<FRAMESET border=n>..</FRAMESET>
<FRAMESET frameborder=yes|no>..</FRAMESET>

<FRAMESET framespacing=0|1>..</FRAMESET>

<FRAMESET framecolor=n>..</FRAMESET>


To determine the structure and content of a specific frame using the tag FRAME .

Attributes tag FRAME:


<frameset rows="400,*">
<frame name="frame1" src="file-1.html">
<frame name="frame2" src="file-2.html">

The advantages and disadvantages of frames:

Floating frames

The floating frame is part of the html-pages, and does not require the construction of a single page description files. To create a floating frame using the tag IFRAME .

Attributes tag IFRAME:

Tag MARQUEE creates the effect of "marquee":

EXAMPLE floating frame:

<iframe src="file-1.html" name="frame1" width="350" height="300" align="left"></iframe>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor ...</p>

See an example of the browser..