Basics of HTML

  1. Terms and Definitions
  2. Principles of WEB 2.0
  3. The structure of the HTML-document
  4. Main metatags
  5. Formatting Text HTML
  6. Lists html-page
  7. Text fixed format
  8. Selected text html-page
  9. Change font options
  10. Graphics html-page
  11. Tables html-page
  12. Hyperlinks
  14. Frames


  1. What is CSS
  2. CSS syntax
  3. Style classes
  4. Combined styles
  5. CSS table
  6. CSS cascading rules
  7. Recommendations applying styles
  8. Font options
  9. Line breaks, vertical alignment
  10. Background settings
  11. Parameters of the paragraph
  12. List options
  13. The parameters of the cursor
  14. Options indentation
  15. Parameters frame
  16. Parameters selection
  17. Display options
  18. Containers



Hyperlinks - the foundation of the Internet. It is because the Internet has become hyperlinks "World Wide Web". Hyperlinks bind together the individual html-pages in the WEB-sites that make up the Internet.

In the brazuera standard text hyperlink appears as underlined blue text. When you hover the mouse over a hyperlink, it takes the form of "finger pointing". When you click on a hyperlink does usually goes to another html-page, URL-address is specified in the parameter hyperlink. A hyperlink can be not only text, but also graphics.

Word Hyperlink

Create a text hyperlink is very simple. To create a hyperlink is sufficient to conclude within the tag < A > any piece of text.


This  <a href="index.html">Hyperlink</a> 
leads to the main page.

If the link should be opened in a new browser window, use the attribute target with the value "_ blank" :


This <a href="index.html" target="_blank">Hyperlink</a> 
It will open in a new browser window.

Attribute href with the value # forms a "blank" link that leads nowhere.


This <a href="#">Hyperlink</a> 
It leads nowhere.

Terms hyperlinks standard display:

All of these values can be changed.

Postal hyperlinks

Clicking on the hyperlink launches postal mail client that is installed on the operating system on your computer by default. If you want to open a postal address - url should look like this:


This <a href="">Postal hyperlinks</a> 

Note that the href attribute mail hyperlinks should not contain spaces.

Graphic hyperlinks

As hyperlinks can act as an image or fragment thereof.


<a href="index.html"><img src="image1.png"></a> 

Terms of display images, hyperlinks:


With the anchor point to certain places in the text of html-pages are referenced from other places.

The anchor is created as a hyperlink, but instead attribute href attribute placed ID . The ID attribute must be unique within the current html-pages.

The anchor is "empty" tag inside it did not fit.

<a ID="anchor-1"></a> 

A hyperlink that leads to the anchor, is as follows:

<a href="index.html#anchor-1">transition to the anchor-1</a>

If the hyperlink and anchor are on the same html-page:

<a href="#anchor-1">transition to the anchor-1</a>

If the hyperlink and anchor are on different sites:

<a href="http://site.index.html#anchor-1">transition to the anchor-1</a>

When you click on a hyperlink does move to a specific html-page and scroll it so that the text marked with an anchor appears at the top of the page.