Basics of HTML

  1. Terms and Definitions
  2. Principles of WEB 2.0
  3. The structure of the HTML-document
  4. Main metatags
  5. Formatting Text HTML
  6. Lists html-page
  7. Text fixed format
  8. Selected text html-page
  9. Change font options
  10. Graphics html-page
  11. Tables html-page
  12. Hyperlinks
  14. Frames


  1. What is CSS
  2. CSS syntax
  3. Style classes
  4. Combined styles
  5. CSS table
  6. CSS cascading rules
  7. Recommendations applying styles
  8. Font options
  9. Line breaks, vertical alignment
  10. Background settings
  11. Parameters of the paragraph
  12. List options
  13. The parameters of the cursor
  14. Options indentation
  15. Parameters frame
  16. Parameters selection
  17. Display options
  18. Containers


Change font options

HTML-tags are used to change the font settings (all paired tags):

The attributes of the tag FONT :


<p><font face="Times New Roman">
FONT Times New Roman

<p><font face="Monotype Corsiva">
FONT Monotype Corsiva

<p><font size="1">
FONT size 1</font>

<p><font size="3">
FONT size 3

<p><font size="7">
FONT size 7

<p><font size="+2">
F</font>ont <small>small</small> <big>big</big>

<p><font color="#ff0000">
font color RED

<p><font color="blue">
font color BLUE</font>

<p><font color="blue"; face="Arial Black"; size="+3">
font color BLUE; Arial Black; size+3

See examples in the browser..